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American Football Game

Major League Sports

A few select clips 

It’s Tough to Make it in this League
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One-hour documentary produced by FilmPower for ABC Sports. Football action, like dance, can be edited into powerful montages. This documentary is an investigative look at the realities of the career of football from babyhood through the Over-the-hill -Gang of middle-aged guys playing hurt for the Redskins. The use of NFL slow motion and extreme close-up photography highlights the often-painful aspects of a life dedicated to violent yet controlled physical movement by professionals and amateurs alike.

ABC Sports Special — The Lady is a Champ
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An hour documentary on Women in Sports, produced by ABC by the first woman producer at ABC Sports, Eleanor Riger. These two shows were the first ABC Sports specials about women and their sports careers. Both are hour-long specials highlighting sports from tennis to swimming to equestrian cross-country eventing to skiing. Hosted by Billy Jean King and Diana Shore. (Video to come)

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